How To Get Rid Of Gnats In The House

Gnats are one of those insects who make our lives a bit of hell with their presence. Unlike many other insects, they don’t settle near specific surroundings but rather tend to fly all around the house. Their b’zzzz sound of their wings make their existence known to everyone. In the worst case scenario, once they enter our house, it becomes a really frustrating and difficult task to get rid of them. They fly super fast which makes it close to impossible to dispose them via fly-swatters.

Here we have listed down some steps for you to get rid of gnats:

Apple Cider Vinegar

This is a very easy remedy to get rid of gnats among many other different remedies. The basic idea is to create vinegar trap for gnats. All you need to have is a Jar and Apple vinegar. Gnats are very attracted to the jar filled with apple vinegar and would literally die to try to taste it. When they make their way inside the jar, your job is not to allow them out. Once you have successfully trapped them, you can throw away that jar and get rid of them.

Banana Peel

Another easy and cheap method to get rid of gnat is by using banana peel, slices or leftovers. This is a very easy technique and doesn’t require any skill. It’s very similar to apple vinegar technique but this time using a banana. Place some banana peels or slices inside a jar and cover the lid with plastic wrap. Poke few holes on that wrap so that it becomes easy for gnat to get inside that jar.

Soda Bottle

In case you are short of jars, you can use a soda bottle as an alternative. If you cut off the top-third of that bottle, it would behave more like a funnel. That funnel would provide the gnats an easy passage to enter. When they enter that bottle, wrap the opening side so that they don’t try to escape.


It may sound strange but gnats are kind of allergic to the scent of vanilla and run afar when vanilla extract and water is sprayed. You can easily create this mixture in your home and can easily use it to get rid of gnats.

Citronella Oil

A mixture of water, dish wash and citronella oil acts similar to gnat repel. You can easily create this mixture yourself in few minutes and use it to keep your home and garden safe from gnats.

There are few other techniques and alternatives which you might want to try. In case you don’t have apple vinegar, you can try to replace it with white vinegar or even red wine. The ingredients added to create that spray could be replaced by rubbing alcohol or vegetable oil.

Preventing gnats from being attracted to your house

These are many different reasons why gnats are attracted to your house; you can read these reasons to have a better understanding of how to prevent and get rid of gnats in your house:

  1. Gnats are attracted by moisture and therefore are usually seen during mid summers or mid-winters. The main reason for their presence is humidity found in the climate.
  2. The reason why Gnats tend to hover near scrape food, meals and vegetable is because their favorite diet is fungus. You must keep your house and outside surroundings clean to get rid of any trouble caused by gnats.
  3. Places that are damp in nature are best preferred by gnats to harbor themselves and their eggs. These places include potholes, lakes and ponds.
  4. Careless management is usually the main cause for the presence of gnats because they are found near trash cans and waste disposal areas which are mostly left out in the open.
  5. Kitchens are the main zones for gnats. Breeding of gnats is usually the result of logging water around the pipes and drains.
  6. Untidiness is also the root cause for gnats invading your house. This includes poor sanitation system and improperly disposing the garbage. The common characteristic for gnat infested areas is that they are not maintained properly.

If you successfully follow all the steps mentioned above, you can surely get rid of gnats in your house, once and for all.