How To Get Rid Of Head Lice

How to Get Rid of Lice

Each year around 6-12 million kids are reported to get head lice in U.S alone. It is common to get head lice and shouldn’t be confused as a result of poor hygiene.

Introduction to Lice

Head lice are insects with no wings and are usually the size of around 1.6mm. They are commonly present near the scalp where they lay eggs. These eggs are known as nits. Main source of food for head lice is the blood they suck from humans. This is the main reason they don’t survive too long once they fall off the human head.

Although it’s common to get head lice at any age or gender, this issue is mostly common among children of 3 to 14 years of age.

Head lice are easily transferred from one person to another due to the shared usage of items such as hair brushes, combs, clothing, and wherever they may sit or lay. If you feel like something is crawling on your head or have itchy or red scalp all the time, you are most likely to be infested from lice.

If you or any of your other family members are infested with head lice, make sure to take immediate steps for getting rid of them because it doesn’t take very long before they move from one head to another.

Below are the 5 easy techniques which you can follow to easily eliminate and get rid of lice in your house:



This technique is very effective and easy to follow. You just need to apply vinegar on your head which would dissolve in the nits and kill them. As far as the lice are concerned, vinegar has high amount of acetic acid which is enough to kill them, if left to sit long enough.

Follow these directions to apply this technique:

Step 1. Take vinegar and mineral oil in equal portions and apply that mixture on your scalp before going to bed. It is always recommended that you cover your head with a shower cap before you go to sleep.

Step 2. Wash your hair with a good anti-lice shampoo the following morning. By that time all those lice have already been eliminated, you just need to drain the dead ones off your hair and comb them out.

There’s also a twist you can add in step 2. You can mix equal quantity of vinegar with your shampoo when rinsing your hair.



The technique of using mayonnaise for getting rid of lice is very popular. It works by suffocating these tiny monsters and slowly leading them to death.

Follow the directions to apply this technique:

Step 1: Apply mayonnaise all over your head, Try not to leave any empty space.

Step 2: Wear a shower cap and further tighten this cap by using a towel around your head.

Step 3: You don’t need to wait for the next morning to proceed to further steps. 4-6 hours are more than enough to get the work done.

Step 4: Wash off your hair by using a good anti-lice shampoo

Step 5: Most probably all your head lice are dead by now, but still just to make sure of it, you can use a blow dryer to dry your hair. Even if there are few alive ones left inside your hair, the hot air from the blow dryer would complete the remaining job.

Step 6: By using the nit comb, you can remove the dead lice and nits off your head.

Step 7: Repeat this technique once a week and you can be sure not to deal with any lice issues again.

Coconut Oil:

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil works great for straightening your hairs and also for the elimination of lice. Just like mayonnaise they also work by suffocating the lice in your head and eventually kill them.

Using onions to kill lice:


Onions are high in sulfur and therefore works wonders for killing lice. Using onions to treat lice problem is also a very popular natural remedy.

Directions for using :

Step 1: Grind 4-5 onions in food processor and create a paste.

Step 2:  Extract the juice from that paste by pressing the spoon against it.

Step 3: Apply that juice on your scalp and wear a shower cap

Step 4: After waiting for 2-3 hours, use an anti-lice shampoo and warm water to clean your hair.

Step 5: Use a blow dryer and nit comb to remove off the dead lice.

If you are able to successfully follow all the steps mentioned above, I can guarantee you to permanently get rid of head lice.  All of this without the use of chemicals or medicated creams.